How To Use Social Media To Take Your Business Online (Step-By-Step) - Episode 1 -

How To Use Social Media To Take Your Business Online (Step-By-Step) - Episode 1

Have you ever had of Social Marketing?

Well, let assume you know nothing about it and let me give you a full tutorial class on Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Social Media Marketing which is also know as SMM, is the application of promoting your business through Social Media Platforms. Examples of social media platforms are facebook, instagram, whatsapp, twitter pinterest and linkedin etc.
This kind of marketing is done strictly base online which only need your business social accounts. A good social media marketing converts while an amautuer SMM do not make any impact on the business or brand. Before you can have a perfect converting social media marketing, you must first full optimize your socia media business account on various platform which is know and called SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION (SMO).

Many big business brand who knows the gain and global impact of a social media business profile to the business in this 21st century hire experts and social media managers to help them set up and manage their social media business pages on various platforms.

Making good number of sales online base on trust, your business social profile would give old and new customer/ prospect the trust they need to buy from you without FEAR.

How To Take Your Business Online Using Social Media Step By Step -

2 Quick Steps To Use Social Media To Take Your Business Online

Step 1: Create Social Profiles For Your Business
Step 2: Plan For Promotion & Publicity

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Step 1: Create Social Profiles For Business;

What you need do first is to create a professional business page for your business on various social media platforms like for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin Pinterest etc. Make sure the name you use for various accounts is same with your offline business name.

Share and post great content (Posts, Images, Videos and others) that speak well for your business and bring value to your brand. You can now use your Laptop or Smartphone to control your social media business account and please do not use your private social account to create a business account for privacy and security reasons.

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Step 2: Plan For Promotion & Publicity;

Due to the new online marketing/ Social Media Marketing Algorithm, you can not just write and post on social media to reach thousands or millions of people organically again, you have to pay for promotion and run ads several times.

So, in your budget plan for Paid Promotion.

For how long will you stop paying for promotion? Good question.

It never stops but here is what you can do.

Create a website for your business and build an Email list of thousands/ Millions of Subscribers.

Extra Tips:

 Youtube is another powerful  online video tool to use to grow your business online today, consider creating a professional video to advertise your business on Youtube.

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Leave a comment about this topic, which step is better, which social media platform would you choose.

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